सह पाठयक्रम गतिविधियों

CCA A Report As on 31-10-2014


CCA started functioning from the first week of April 2014. Initially students were divided into four houses, viz,Ganga,Yamuna,Alaknanda and Narmada. House Masters and Asst.House Masters were alloted the charge of each of the houses.

Investiture Ceremony was conducted on 13-8-2014. Badges were awarded to Captains, Vice-Captains and members of Student Council.

The following aresome of the competitions conducted as part of CCA till now :


      Display Board

      Group Song

      Poster Making

      Sanskrit Sloka Recitation


      T-Shirt painting

      Slogan Writing and Poster Making on Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan

      Best Maitained Class room

Apart from the competitions mentioned above,everyday Merit Certificates are given to the students who perform exceptionally well in the Morning Assembly and also to Smart Turnouts, two each from Primary,Secondary and Senior Secondary Students.